Italian Classes for Groups

The perfect way for you to effectively learn Italian online while having fun

Why this course

Learn and grow your confidence in Italian conversation, grammar and reading with live, online classes, with a small group of classmates sharing your same passion for Italy and its language.

  • Professional bilingual teacher (English - Italian)
  • Live online group classes with max 6 students
  • Material to study and review your classes

Start this learning journey and start speaking Italian right away.

How this works

Choose your preferred start date for your group class.

On Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending on which course you have bought, at 5 pm Italian time, join the group on Teams through the link that you will receive from the teacher a few days before the course starts. There you will find your teacher and the other classmates.

  • 10 Teams lessons
  • 1 lesson per week
  • 1 hour/lesson

Learn about our Italian teacher

This course is intended for beginners , namely students with little or no prior exposure to the language.

What you will learn: in addition to learning the basics of Italian grammar, you will also begin to understand and use everyday expressions. At the end of the course you will be able to interact in a simple way, introduce yourself and others, and be able to ask questions and answer about the main daily activities


Recommended by other students

  • Twenty five years ago I went to Rome to study Italian for five weeks. I fell in love with the language, food, wine and people. I have my best friend living in Rome so my husband and I try to go several weeks every year. To be able to talk a bit in Italian gives me satisfaction. It’s thanks to my Italian lessons! My teacher Angela is very good, easy to understand and easy to help me when I don't understand. Thank you all for this possibility!

    Sonja Sohlberg - Sweden
  • I had always wanted to be able to speak the Italian language fluently. My pre-course and‘phrasebook’ skills were far from adequate. I therefore embarked on a series of lessons with Gate-away: one of the best decisions I have made. My tutor, Angela, has been marvellous and she is incredibly good at structuring my weekly Skype lessons, from my home in the north of Scotland, in a very patient, kind and humorous way, which is just what I need. My language skills have increased enormously and although I still struggle with my ‘verbs’ at times, I now feel far more able and confident and cannot believe the difference in such a short period of time.
    I can thoroughly recommend Angela and the Gate-away language courses to anyone. Thanks guys.

    Steve Johnstone - Scotland
  • I have been “studying” Italian for about two years, mostly just using the Duolingo app. While I found my vocabulary was slowly growing (with my inconsistent use of the app), I felt I needed something to help hold me accountable to the lessons. I came across the Gate-away offer and it just seemed to hit me at the right time. It has been incredibly helpful to hear the language spoken, and have to respond in the course of a conversation.
    I’ve really enjoyed the chance to work with Angela, and am very appreciative of her patience!

    Bill Angeloni - USA
  • As I love study languages I know that it's very important talk and hear everyday the new language and not only study the grammar and the books. For me it's also important that my teacher does not speak my language (Portuguese).
    I found all this with this course! I am happy to have this opportunity!

    Marcia Cardinali – Brazil
  • In spring 2017 I happen to see the ad of the offer to take their course to improve my Italian.
    For me It is the absolutely perfect way to improve. My Italian improved by approximately 50% after 10 sessions.
    It is the most efficient learning experience ever.

    Monica Camuglia - Switzerland
  • We are very enthusiastic about the lessons, our teacher Angela and the improvements we are making. Now we are hoping the Italians will notice the difference!

    Rob & Henriette Cozijnsen - Netherlands
  • For two years I had tried everything I could to learn Italian. The course provided by is the perfect solution for my needs. My instructor is knowledgeable and experienced. It's like talking to a patient friend who has my best interests at heart. This makes me feel comfortable receiving corrections on my grammar and pronunciation and I have the chance to hear pronunciation from a native speaker while practicing my listening skills and expanding my vocabulary in a way that makes me feel like I‘m in a classroom in Italy. The worksheets are fun, engaging and relevant. I will always highly recommend this course to anyone.

    Michelle Charles - Germany
  • We enjoy every minute of our weekly lessons and our teacher feels almost like a friend. It is a great and easy way to learn Italian. We are learning Italian in a very relaxed way.

    Johanna & Pekka - Finland


What if I cannot attend a lesson?

If you cannot attend a lesson, please inform your teacher. You’ll receive the video recording.

What do I need to participate in this course?

You need Internet connection and preferably a computer equipped with a microphone and a camera in order to be able to take lessons and enjoy your lesson at its fullest. Also, you are required to properly install Teams desktop app on your computer, alternatively you can simply use Teams in the browser.

What language will be used during lessons?

As soon as you purchase the course, the trainer will send you a placement test to be completed online which you will then send back to her. The trainer will then structure a course that is based on your level and needs.

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