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by February 25

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Why this course

Wherever you are in the world, you can have individual Italian lessons on Skype with your own, professional, experienced Italian-language trainer to learn or improve the everyday language through real conversation at a time which suits you.

  • Dedicated trainer with years of experience in teaching Italian to non-Italians.
  • Lessons 100% tailored to your needs.
  • Flexible timetable: choose a time convenient for you.
  • Material to study and review your lessons.
  • Satisfaction or your money back!

Buy your dedicated Italian language course now, and start when it's convenient for you!

How this works

Choose your lesson package

Book your preferred lesson package.


Once we will receive notification of your payment, your trainer will contact you to start planning your lessons according to your needs. Remember that you can buy your course now and start whenever you want!

In case you don't have Skype you can easily download it for free. Or else you can decide with your trainer what other tools you can use (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.)

The course is very flexible!

Be ready!

To access our online Italian classes you need a computer, a tablet or a smart phone (web cam optional); a reasonably fast broadband Internet connection and Skype (or another tool to agree with your trainer).

Your Trainers

Elvira Apone
Elvira Apone

Was born in Naples but moved to Le Marche when she was 7 years old.

She's 100% Italian but she's very interested in foreign cultures and languages. Ths't why she spent some years abroad and also speaks Russian, English and a bit of French. She loves reading, writing - she writes articles for on line magazines, fairy tales and nursery rhymes - playing piano and walking along the seaside.

Angela di Mario
Angela di Mario

Was born and educated in Toronto. Her family moved from Italy to Canada in the 1970's. That is one of the reasons why once she finished University she decided to go back to her roots and moved to Italy for a year and ultimately decided to live in 'the bel paese' indefinitely.

She's bilingual and loves all things Italian. She cannot imagine her life without her morning espresso at the "bar".


If you're having trouble finding a good and effective Italian language course that fits your specific tastes or goals, wherever you are you will enjoy our programme that suits all ability levels and learning styles. With your personal and qualified trainer you'll learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, book a hotel, order in a restaurant, all the way to master the process to find your dream home in Italy and everything else you need to know to fully live in and travel to Italy.

Your dedicated trainer will evaluate your language skills before starting and will define your personal path to Italy. She will also assist you with error-correction, new vocabulary and other needs or difficulties you might encounter.

Your personal trainer is waiting for you. Start learning!


They have already attended our course

The Italian course at is great! Each week, the lesson is individualized to my skill level and interests by my instructor, Angela. She skillfully creates helpful and effective lessons that increase my learning — and they are FUN! Talking and reading the lesson together via Skype is a perfect way to learn the correct pronunciation and usage of words to improve fluency and conversational abilities. My teacher is always willing to set our class time to accommodate my changing schedule.
I would easily recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve his/her language skills.
Tricia Kiszka - USA

I absolutely say that the course on Skype works very well. It is very easy to sit in your home and it just takes one hour of your day to get a lesson of high quality. Elvira is a really good teacher, the layout of the lesson is very good and it is very easy to send it and get it corrected in just a fee hours. I absolutely feel that I have improved a lot!
For me this is fantastic because in Sweden it is very difficult to find good Italian speaking teachers, it is also difficult to find people who speak Italian
Marie Frosing - Sweden

As I love study languages I know that it's very important talk and hear everyday the new language and not only study the grammar and the books. For me it's also important that my teacher does not speak my language (Portuguese).
I found all this with this course! My teacher is very patient and give me a lot of attention. She is always correcting me and after each lesson she send me all in a report and also exercises and videos. It is easy to be in touch with her. Does not matter if I use e-mail, Messenger, Whatsapp or Skype. She is always on line and answer my doubts. I am happy to have this opportunity!
Marcia Cardinali – Brazil

In spring 2017 I happen to see the ad of the offer to take Skype lessons to improve my Italian. Spontaneously I booked a test session and I am continuously taking weekly sessions since.
For me It is the absolutely perfect way to improve. I can chose time, frequency and speed. The lessons are designed to my personal requirements and needs. My Italian improved by approximately 50% after 10 sessions.
It is the most efficient learning experience ever.
Monica Camuglia - Switzerland

Initially my wife and I were a bit sceptic about course, but after a trial lesson by Skype and some email exchanges with the teacher, we thought “Why not”?
That was a very good decision! After a couple of months we are very enthusiastic about the lessons, our teacher Angela and the improvements we are making. Each lesson is composed flexible corresponding to our needs.
We decided to continue and bought a second package. And now we are hoping the Italians will notice the difference!
Rob & Henriette Cozijnsen - Netherlands

For two years I had tried everything I could to learn Italian. The course provided by is the perfect solution for my needs. My instructor is knowledgeable and experienced and is flexible with my schedule. Our are like talking to a patient friend who has my best interests at heart. This makes me feel comfortable receiving corrections on my grammar and pronunciation and I have the chance to hear pronunciation from a native speaker while practicing my listening skills and expanding my vocabulary in a way that makes me feel like I‘m in a classroom in Italy. The worksheets are fun, engaging and relevant. I will always highly recommend this course to anyone.
Michelle Charles - Germany

We enjoy every minute of our weekly lessons and our teacher feels almost like a friend. It is a great and easy way to learn Italian. We are learning Italian in a very relaxed way.
Johanna & Pekka - Finland

Ready to get started?

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10 and 20 lessons packages

Once we got your booking request for your 10 or 20 lessons package, we will send you the payment link and all the instructions on how to start your course.
Payment options: PayPal or debit/credit card

by February 25


Of course, you can. Once you reserve you spot and pay for your course, you can start when it's more convenient for you (i.e. immediately or weeks after the payment).
You can buy a lesson package (10 or 20 lessons) and attend your Italian course together with no additional costs from the same computer.
As soon as you purchase the course, the trainer will send you a placement test to be completed online which you will then send back to her. The trainer will then structure a course that is based on your level and needs.
You will be able to contact the trainer via Skype and email. You will then be able to agree on the contacts you wish to exchange directly with your trainer.
A few days before each lesson the trainer will contact you to comunicate the theme of the lesson and will send you the necessary material (audio files, articles, grammar explanations, etc.) which the lesson will be based on. After the lesson, the trainer will send you a lesson report with a short summary of what was covered. This includes more details of what was covered, notes, corrections and a list of new vocabulary you may have come across.
As soon as the course has been purchased, the trainer will contact you to establish a time for your lessons (eg. every Thursday at 4:00pm) depending on your needs and the trainer's availability.
You don't have to worry if you are unable to attend a lesson at the established time, you can contact the trainer and find a convenient time for the both of you.
If you have established a time and for some reason are unable to attend, you can email the trianer at least 24 hours before the lesson starts.
Yes, you will lose the lesson if you do not contact the trainer at least 24 hours before the lesson begins.
If the trainer is unable to contact you on Skype, she will try to contact you on the phone or another means of communication which will be established by you and the trainer at the beginning of the course. If you do not answer, the trainer will then send you an email informing you that she is trying to contact you. She will then try to contact you again after about 5 minutes and finally after about 15 minutes. If there is still no reply, the trainer will send another email to inform you that the lesson has been lost.
Each lesson is 50 minutes.
The lessons will be carried out in Italian so that you can completely immerse yourself in the language naturally. But if your level is very low the teacher will initially try to use very basic Italian and will use English as a common language when necessary.
Ideally all communication will be in Italian but you can request to be contacted in English if you wish.
You have to download Skype from the Internet, it’s very easy and free! Or else you could agree with your teacher another contact you wish to exchange directly with her (e.g. landline).
Yes, at the end of the course we will send you a certificate of participation.

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